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Our Services

We work with business leaders who navigate their organizations through change.


Our support of business leaders is focused on three areas:

  • Strategy:  We believe that the separation of intent (strategic planning) from action (strategy implementation) is the root cause for most failing strategy projects. We take an integrated system design approach to strategy and facilitate a process among the operational leaders of our client companies that connects goals (strategic intent) with decisions (strategic actions). 

  • Change:  We help business leaders drive change based on three ideas: (1) process, organization, governance,  align- ment and performance management have replaced “Command and Control"; (2) transformational change cannot be managed, but must be led; (3) the endpoint of a transformation “emerges” during the process and cannot be predefined.

  • Performance Management:  Gaps between desired and actual performance usually require changes to the three intertwined domains of people, processes and technology. We are skeptical of putting too strong an emphasis on individual incentives and believe that bigger and more sustainable gains can be achieved through a realignment of performance goals, process improvement and technology changes. That is where we add value.

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